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Whether you're after a Web API build Whether you're after a hand-crafted website, or something with a WordPress blog, get in touch and we'll come to a solution. If you're after something more substantial such as a web application or a phone app, it's very likely that Uncouth will be able to help.

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It's important to me not to overcharge people and for respect to run both ways. Before a design is put together I'll get you a quote and you won't be obligated to spend a penny until you've approved the design and work has begun. Uncouth is about giving back some humanity to a capitalist world and if you're not happy, I invite you to tell me every step of the way.


I don't work nine to five. Those are the hours I am contactable, but I often work into the night and will often be up late either working on your project or learning the next big thing to use in your project. I am constantly learning whether it's around backend NodeJS web API implementation, or how to get your images to animate, and as a dynamic developer, I'll find a way to get you what you need.


I might be a one-man-band but I am about ethical business practice and ensuring customers are actually happy, not roped into contracts that they end up regretting. Currently offering websites, small web applications and iOS apps. The learning for iOS apps and web APIs is still in progress, but get in touch anyway and maybe we can do a deal.

Why the name?

Two reasons. The first is because I'm tired of rude people. The second is because I believe you should make your mark on the world, and with your digital presence, even if some believe you to be uncouth whilst you're doing it. Go on. Be Uncouth. The world isn't all in code and I find it's extremely important to remember that the reason you want something digitised is so that your analogue life can be more pleasant.